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Photoshop Secrets for Eye-Popping Images

TNT8 Content Track

Wright A


Beautiful photography is a powerful way to engage visitors on any website. Great photos are even more compelling in higher education; they give prospective students a sense of place and link alumni to their past. Unfortunately, many Web editors aren’t familiar with the tools that can transform ‘ho-hum’ images into eye-popping pictures.

Using Adobe Photoshop and examples from the William & Mary website, this session will explore techniques for color correcting and enhancing photographs for the Web. With a special emphasis on Adobe’s Camera Raw, file compression and the magic of meta-data, this workshop is ideal for those with only a beginner’s understanding of Photoshop.

Instead of delving into abstract technicalities, this session will be task-centric. We’ll take a common problem, such as “I want to intensify the sky and clouds in this photo” or “I’d like to lay text over this photo” and explore the tools and techniques that will accomplish that goal.


Joel Pattison
Web Designer & Project Manager, College of William & Mary

Joel is the lead Web designer and project manager on William & Mary’s Web team. He is passionate about great design, vibrant photographs, and the elegant user experience. Joel was a key member of the team charged with reinventing William & Mary's Web presence in 2008.

As an extension of that effort, Joel is currently supporting the transition of hundreds of academic and administrative websites into the new design suite and CMS. Every W&M site will use the same tools and design by 8/31/09 - creating a powerful, fully integrated Web presence for the College.