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From YouTube to SHU Tube

WRK4 Workshops Track



Learn how Seton Hall University (SHU) engaged consumers, students, faculty, and alumni to share and interact with its website via SHU Tube—a deceptively simple Web application that taps into the YouTube network enabling consumers to post videos online and become the greatest brand advocates of all.

You'll hear a firsthand account of Seton Hall's journey to make its website as interactive as possible (with little to no cost) by leveraging its Web content management solution. SHU Tube videos proved five times more effective than other types of advertising, and Seton Hall improved its conversion rates by re-using video content throughout its site and sharing video content via any delivery channel (Web, smart phone, PDA, Facebook, etc.) Learn how SHU Tube helped build trusting and lasting relationships by providing true transparency to its organization, and a more authentic Web experience.


Rob Brosnan
Director of Web and Digital Communications, Seton Hall University

Rob Brosnan is the Director of Web and Digital Communications at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. He is responsible for determining and executing strategic objectives for online communications, particularly those that provide a direct interface with external university audiences, such as prospective students and alumni. Recent projects include a complete re-development of the University's main Web site and a significantly revised undergraduate admissions Web site. Rob completed his Master of Arts degree in philosophy of science from Indiana University; he also received a Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University. His professional interests include digital marketing optimization/web analytics, campaign automation and behavioral targeting.

Ron West
Director of Product Strategy, PaperThin, PaperThin

Ron West is Director of Product Strategy & Professional Services at PaperThin. Since 2005, Ron has played a lead role in product development and strategy for PaperThin’s flagship product, CommonSpot – a ColdFusion-based Web content management solution. He currently oversees the Professional Services team and manages training, implementation, development and customization of CommonSpot for PaperThin customers and partners. Follow Ron on Twitter - @notronwest.