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Press Release 2.0 - News Releases in the Social Media Era

SOC1 Social Media Track

Wright B


We have all done the same old press releases: insert headline, byline, body.

What we will explore in this session is how to, as Emeril would say, "Kick it up a notch." We will talk about how to create a press release that will draw in users and address the changing needs of the end consumer and increasing ease of use for the media. It’s important for us to adjust our message format and delivery to respond to the needs of today’s Web-savvy audience.

In the presentation we will explore the use of images, video, tagging, RSS, social bookmarking, Technorati, and other tools to create a release that will be more engaging and useful to a broader range of users.


Matt Herzberger
Director of Web Communications, Florida International University

Matt has more than ten years of Web experience with seven years in higher education. He started in the corporate world as a production assistant for a higher education Web design agency where he produced sites for various universities and colleges. He then moved into higher education as a designer and strategist for various institutions. He is currently serving as the director of Web communications
at Florida International University. Matt has been a higher ed web blogger, speaker, and consultant for years now as well as being the co-founder of