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Moving from ASP or PHP to ASP.NET

WRK13 Workshops Track



Many of us have a love/hate relationship with server-side scripting languages. On one hand they are easy to learn and can get a basic job done quickly. On the other hand, concerns such as error checking, security, error handling, and tag soup also seem to come along with them. More and more it seems writing a maintainable and secure application in one of these languages is very challenging. Enter ASP.Net – designed to handle all of these challenges. For most Web developers, learning a new framework is daunting and besides, who has time? Yet the long-term payoffs can be well worth the effort.

Objectives of the workshop include: building a basic data-driven Web application; separating a site into HTML templates, page layouts, and business logic; learning the basics of event-driven Web programming; preventing SQL injection and cross site scripting.

Participants are expected to supply a Windows laptop with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (free download).


Chad Killingsworth
Assistant Director of Web & New Media, Missouri State University

Chad manages a student programming team that writes Web applications for Missouri State University. In that role, he uses ASP.Net to facilitate rapid application development that results in easily maintainable systems even with the high turnover rate of student employees. Chad has a BS in computer science and has been writing Web applications since the late 90s. In addition to higher education, Chad has also worked for advertising agencies as an interactive project manager.