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Interactive Maps: Making Them Work for You

APS8 Applications and Standards Track



Every university has maps - campus maps, construction maps, parking maps, special event or service maps. When everyone uses different maps, this creates consistency issues and duplication of time and effort. Not to mention that finding the right map can be frustrating for your visitors. This session will outline a work-flow and framework for succeeding in building an interactive map platform that works for you.


Joel Herron
Web Technology Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Currently you'll find me as the lead Web technologist for the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, a position I've held for the past three years. I'm in charge of our Web environment and CMS. Previous to my current employment I was the Web developer for the university's marketing and media relations office developing custom content management capabilities until I transferred to central IT to manage the implementation of the university's CMS.