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Talking to Your Boss About Twitter ...

SOC3 Social Media Track

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... and Facebook and YouTube, etc.

Perhaps you've dabbled in social media personally and have some ideas on how your institution might participate. Or perhaps you've read about the impact of social sites and worry about being left behind. But how do you convince your boss that something called "Twitter" is a worthwhile investment of your time?

This session will cover both strategies and specifics to help you demonstrate to your boss, your VP, or your board the value of social media.


Lori Packer
Web Editor, University of Rochester

Lori Packer is the Web editor in the University Communications office at the University of Rochester. Before moving over to academia, she was the lead U.S. editor for MSN Search, Microsoft’s pre-Bing search engine. At Rochester, she is responsible for managing the university's homepage, news site, many administration sites, and various social media profiles. She has often presented to campus groups - including the president's cabinet and board of trustees - about social media, and no one has asked her to stop yet.