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Connecting Duke "Services"

TNT4 Content Track

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Duke University's campus, financial, and academic services are available on the Web through the different organizations that run those services. Users, however, don't know or care who "owns" a specific service, only how to obtain it. By offering up the services by service type, a major shift has occurred in how Web visitors locate the services they need.

The two-year project led to the launch of over 20 different, yet connected, Services and Administration sites. These sites - with a consistent graphic look and feel, navigational placement, and Duke branding - run the gambit from Parking and Dining to IT and Security.

This session will go over the specific challenges of bringing these groups together, developing a consistent informational tone, and actually building this many different sites (and wrangling content/content/content).


Ben Kimmel
Information Architect, Duke University

Ben Kimmel serves as the information architect for Blackwell Interactive, a department of Duke's Office of Information Technology, with primary responsibility of organizing and structuring content for Duke websites.