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Actionable Web Analytics for Higher Education

MMP8 Marketing, Management, and Professional Development Track

Wright C


Web analytics has the reputation of only being useful in a commercial context, but there is much it can offer institutes of higher education. It can help optimize marketing efforts, help you measure and improve the usability of your site, and help you create a more engaging user experience. In this session we will cover analytics basics, present a few case studies of evidence-based decision making from analytics data, and then focus on Google Analytics as an analytics tool.


Joshua Ellis
E-Marketing Manager, Penn State Outreach

Joshua is e-marketing manager for the Marketing and Communications unit of Penn State Outreach. His team handles the technical and creative elements for many of Outreach's online marketing efforts, including Web design, email marketing, building sites in Drupal, and the care and feeding of RedDot CMS. Joshua spent 15 years working in industry as an IT consultant. Four years ago he jumped into the wonderful world of higher education, and has never looked back. Well, almost never. Now the father of two little boys, he spends most of his spare time playing Thomas the Tank Engine.

Shelby Thayer
Online Marketing Associate - Web Strategy, Penn State World Campus

Shelby has worked in marketing and communications for 12 years, the last 10 focused on the Web. Her current areas of focus as a strategist with Penn State’s World Campus are CRM, Web strategy, usability, and Web analytics.