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Succeeding in a World of Overwhelming Change

MMP1 Marketing, Management, and Professional Development Track

Wright C


Everything in college recruiting is changing. The forces of change range from the social Web to the need for authenticity to shifting student demographics to the increasing role of parents -- and now the economy.

It's time for a revolution in how we recruit students. We have to use the communication tools that students prefer, which means becoming comfortable with social media. We have to be willing to give up some control of the message, which involves letting students see the real institution, blemishes and all. We have to see ourselves as sales people.

This session will provide specific ideas as well as motivation for pursuing the changes necessary to succeed in an increasingly challenging environment. These ideas will include how to become more efficient, focus on core competencies, better manage outsourcing, retain key employees, redistribute budget dollars, enhance your leadership skills, and become more of a visionary.


Brian Niles
CEO, TargetX

Brian Niles is the co-founder and CEO of TargetX, a relationship recruiting company for colleges and universities. Prior to starting TargetX in 1998, Niles served for 15 years in college admissions and enrollment management positions and as a marketing and enrollment management consultant. He regularly appears as a keynote speaker and workshop leader at conferences around the country. TargetX serves over 410 colleges and universities with integrated technology solutions for admissions, campus visit audits, student search campaigns and other creative services.