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The Domino Effect of a Viral Video

SOC10 Social Media Track

Wright B


Reaching your audience today takes ingenuity and creativity. With audiences turning their attention to the Internet and away from TV, newspapers, and radio, universities need to get innovative in how they reach their audience.

In this session we'll discuss how a promotional video to publicize a campus-wide festival “went viral.” Initially, the video was shared within the university and via Facebook. Before long, the video was posted on popular international design inspiration site and the blog of musician/record producer Mark Hoppus of Blink-182. Those two blog posts alone led to almost 30,000 views from around the world in a single day. More recently the video has been featured on Digg and

During the video’s first three weeks of release, the video received more than 120,000 unique views on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. The video has become an example of how new media can be used to reach international audiences who help spread the word and pass it along, creating a powerful social impact.


Jared Lyon
Web Developer, Rochester Institute of Technology

Jared has worked in higher education since receiving a degree in information technology in 2001. Beside creating and maintaining various university websites, his work generally focuses on the realms of CSS and Web standards.

Mark Marcello
Web Developer, Rochester Institute of Technology

Mark Marcello received his BS and MS in information technology at Rochester Institute of Technology. Mark has been a Web developer at RIT since 2006, with a primary focus on the university homepage, and top-level sites such as the news, part-time and graduate enrollment, and financial aid websites. He is currently a Ph.D. student in computing and information sciences at RIT with a research focus in intelligent agents.

Alexander Gartley
Web Designer, Rochester Institute of Technology

Alexander is a designer with expertise in both print and the Web. After graduating from RIT with a BS in new media in 2007, he began working at RIT as a designer. Since then he has worked on countless print and Web projects/initiatives. He also does freelance Web design for various individuals and non-profit organizations.