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Introduction to iPhone Development

WRK11 Workshops Track



Designed for developers, this hands-on workshop will focus on building both Web and native applications for the iPhone OS platform. Learn the basics of Dashcode -- a powerful tool for building graphical user interfaces for iPhone Web apps using HTML and JavaScript -- and Xcode and Interface Builder -- tools for building native applications in Objective-C for the App Store.

Attendees should have some familiarity with software development and are required to have signed up for the free iPhone
Development program. See: An Intel-based Macintosh with the latest version of the iPhone SDK / Xcode is required. See:

We will have some equipment available on a first come first served basis. An iPhone / iPod Touch is not required as we will be using the iPhone simulator for our testing.


Steve Hayman
Consulting Engineers, Apple

Steve Hayman is a national consulting engineer with Apple's Education Team based in Toronto, specializing in Apple’s developer tools for the iPhone and Macintosh. Prior to Apple, Steve worked with that other Steve at NeXT Computer, where he first fell in love with the combination of powerful object-oriented development tools and a great Unix core; before that he was network manager at Indiana University; before that he picked up an M.Math at Waterloo; and before that he had a summer job painting construction equipment. In his spare time he directs Argonotes, the Toronto Argonauts Band and the finest pep band in the Canadian Football League.