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Nurturing Communities with Social Networking

SOC2 Social Media Track

Wright B


Facebook and Twitter - they're just for fun and socializing, right? Not any more. Online social networks, when used intentionally and effectively, can be powerful community-nurturing tools for educational projects and events. And while there can be modest costs associated with some of these tools and services, much of it is free and simply requires you to invest time and patience to get tangible results.

This session will focus on social networking best practices, case studies, and examples of impressive ROI, all of which will demonstrate that social networking use has matured beyond fun and socializing. Social networking tools can be an integral part of enhancing higher education communications, professional networking, media relations, and community-building.


Kristofer Layon
Director of Web Design & Online Collaboration, University of Minnesota

Kristofer Layon is the director of Web design and online collaboration in the University of Minnesota's Office for System Academic Administration. He has been designing and managing Web projects since 1996, and since 2008 has directed MinneWebCon, the University of Minnesota's continuing education conference for Web professionals. He also directs the university's Web Standards & Accessibility Work Group, a professional network of over 100 University of Minnesota web staff. He has an MFA in interactive media from the University of Minnesota.