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In Our Back Pocket: The Infrastructure That Protects Vassar from Out-of-Date Content

TNT2 Content Track

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At Vassar College, our Web development group took silos of Web content and created a well-organized content infrastructure that can sustain long-term growth in highly efficient ways. We now have at our fingertips a robust selection of our most actively updated, most heavily used content.

News, articles from publications, and personal profiles can be aggregated, repurposed, contextualized, shared, and highlighted. Plus, we discovered that the core of this infrastructure relies on only a few pieces that were already part of the campus culture: the catalogue, faculty bios, and press releases, By keeping a few documents on campus up-to-date we can maintain the core of our Web content easily and focus on strategic growth.


Megg Brown
Assistant Director of Web Development, Vassar College

Megg Brown is assistant director of Web development at Vassar College, in the Office of College Relations. She has developed procedures for maintaining over 150 official sites, and is currently implementing an enterprise content management system while managing the manual maintenance of legacy content from over 500 content providers.