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Creating Powerful Social Media through Convergence

WRK9 Workshops Track

Wright B


Communities become powerful by coming together. They accomplish big things and transform the way we live and communicate. Social media tools don’t work well in isolation—they become more powerful by coming together with other social media. Convergence, the optimal state, broadens the reach of social media sites, services, and technologies and is the fundamental goal of an effective social media marketing strategy. It drives traffic, expands communication, and connects smaller communities to the larger community of the social Web. Even though it can reach a large audience, traditional media is limited in comparison.

Colleges and universities need smaller communities and larger communities, the local and the global. Social media convergence marketing is a natural fit for institutions seeking to build communities of engagement. This presentation defines and then walks through the principals and practice of social media convergence marketing, from optimizing websites to deploying parallel social media community-building tools to achieve recruiting, marketing, and fundraising goals.


Fritz McDonald
Vice President, Creative Strategy, Stamats, Inc.

Fritz McDonald has more than 20 years experience as a professional writer, editor, and creative strategist. He earned his bachelor's degree at UCLA, and an MFA from the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop. At Stamats, Fritz has created marketing communications, websites and digital strategy, and branding programs for colleges and universities across the United States. He has an extensive background in Web 2.0 technologies and social media, has delivered webinars on the subject, and written an industry-leading white paper on social networking strategies. He has been a keynote speaker for CASE, CCAE, and ACT, and presented at such well-known conferences as the Infinite Solutions HighEdWeb conference. He has written articles on higher education marketing for Admissions Marketing Report, and on social media most recently for University Business.