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Conducting Usability Research with a Team of One

APS7 Applications and Standards Track



Conducting usability research can be challenging – even with multiple team members. But how do get the job done if your Web team consists of just one person? In 2008, the College of Arts and Sciences Web Team at the University at Buffalo was streamlined to one employee. Performing usability research along with regular web projects for 30+ departments and programs seemed nearly impossible. Learn how this web team of one managed to beat the odds. In this time of shrinking budgets, this session presents useful ideas and efficient techniques to perform usability research with one-person Web teams.


Christine Kowalski
Web Design Specialist, University at Buffalo

Christine Kowalski works as a Web design specialist for the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences. She has conducted usability studies on departmental websites as well as general university websites over the past eight years. She is also the senior usability consultant on the University Communications Web Content Initiative project. Christine recently earned her master's in informatics with a concentration in Web design and analysis at UB.