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Website Editing Using Ruby on Rails

APS2 Applications and Standards Track



Explore a simple and practical open source website editor dubbed RubyCMS. The driving goal in the development of RubyCMS was to allow editing to occur directly on the Web page itself rather than a separate and unfamiliar interface, and to address one of the most frustrating tasks users face when modifying a page on a website – placing, sizing, and captioning images in an article. See how Ruby on Rails and other open source products such as TinyMCE, ImageMagick, and Highslide simplify image uploading and captioning, and other common tasks such as composing image galleries, changing navigation, and creating forms.


Brian Jones
Web Programmer/Technology Coordinator, Luther College

Brian Jones works at Luther College as a Web programmer/technology coordinator. Prior to his current position he was a software engineer with the Manufacturing Engineering Program at the University of New Mexico, where he implemented the Robotic and Automation Design and Drive System (RADDS), which integrates components in a highly automated manufacturing environment. Brian has a MS degree in computer science and a BA in art.