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Millennials Rock the Web: Your Best Web-based Project Leaders are Your Students

APS11 Applications and Standards Track



The University of Waterloo has the largest co-op program in the world. When we want to do something big on the Web, we hire a student, set the parameters, speak to them in their language, and are always astounded by the results.

This presentation will cover strategies for getting the most out of your Millennials on the Web. We will look at case histories for some of our Web-based initiatives including our home-grown CMS, online forum, chats, Bayesian comment analysis, poster design, website usability, online video production, and virtual tour. We will also be sure to bring our fair share of the horror stories and jaw-dropping amazing adventures of our Millennials.


Jaymis Goertz
Web and Systems Specialist, University of Waterloo

Jaymis is awesome. At least, that is the personal brand he is trying to build.

Engineering dropout turned psych grad, Jaymis Goertz has been designing websites since 1995 and has been paid to do so since 1997. He has a fetish for fonts, an eye for design, but no serious skills in Adobe Photoshop. Elegant site design is his Valhalla.

He is very opinionated, and likes to argue, but can be easily swayed with solid logic supported by research, usually discussed over pints. He thinks Ninjas rock, and that Pirates are okay, but that they are a shiftless bunch that need to be put to work.