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Communications & Web Services: BFF

MMP6 Marketing, Management, and Professional Development Track

Wright C


Web Services and Communications are natural partners, even when they’re not related on the org chart. We’ll talk in detail about the various ways our groups are working together to advance university communications through Web technology.

Some of our recent efforts include: educating campus communicators about how branding, design, writing, and video production are interlocking components of well-rounded communications efforts; integrating the traditional print/branding design process with the Web design/user interface process; collaborating on projects using online tools such as Basecamp and Jumpchart to effectively manage and share; teaming up to create a strategic plan for content on the main university website, and maintaining that content; working together to define the next generation of news dissemination for the university.


Stacey Shintani
Senior Site Developer | Creative Lead, University of Chicago

Stacey has been in Web Services at the University of Chicago for eight years. As the creative lead in the department, she is responsible for the graphic design process and mentoring designers.

Lately she has been partnering with folks around the university to use Web technologies to convey the unique and exciting story of the university, and to make administrative tasks easier and more efficient so that students and faculty can focus on research and learning.

Previously, Stacey worked at a start-up Web company, where she transformed her education in journalism and painting into a love for communicating effectively and beautifully online.

John Eckroth
Manager of Digital Communications, University of Chicago

John joined the communications team at the University of Chicago in a newly designed position just this past year. As manager of digital communications in the Office for Communications, he is tasked with examining the University’s diverse network of communicators, audiences, and messages and formulating creative strategy to improve

For the past 10 years his work has focused on using Web communication and network building through open-source technologies. His experience includes non-profits, other academic environments, and corporate work.