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General Session with David Galper

What 1,000,000 College Students Taught Me

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

College students are an interesting bunch. Everyone thinks they know what they want and the truth is no one knows not even the students. David will share his trials and tribulations building a school sanctioned legal digital entertainment service for college students. He will share how he has successfully reached and interacted with college students online. David will present a general understanding of what does and does not work with college students as well as specific recommendations for University sites. Bring your questions and fun ideas.


David Galper founded Ruckus Network, a legal digital entertainment service and social networking site for colleges and their students.

Galper served both as Vice President of Marketing- driving the marketing and direction of the service and Vice President of Corporate Development- licensing content and forming strategic partnerships to monetize the base of Ruckus users. Galper founded Ruckus and continued to grow Ruckus as an "Entrepreneur-In-Residence" (EIR) at Battery Ventures.

Prior to founding Ruckus, Galper co-founded and served as president for two startups in the technology industry. Galper also served as director of business development for Idealab.

Prior to his entrepreneurial activities, David was a Consultant at Arthur D. Little in the Technology & Innovation Management Group. At Arthur D. Little, David worked with the R&D teams of start-ups and Fortune 100 companies to assess the markets for their new technologies and make their first partnerships and sales. David worked with DEKA Research to develop the first markets for the Segway Human Transporter.

Galper holds a B.A. in economics and environmental studies from Brandeis University and an M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

David has helped companies conceive, develop, launch, market, and partner highly viral products. Clients have included Computer Associates (NASDAQ: CA), Go2 Media, CollegeWeekLive, Seed Media Group, HangOut Industries, and FirstDIBZ.

David Galper
David Galper
Founder of Ruckus Network

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